Published 04/29/2017

In the past several years, bamboo clearly has become one of the most popular materials for the kitchen. With its fresh look and special benefits when it comes to meal prepping, it's no surprise to us why everyone wants to use one for cutting up fruit and veggies. 

Surprisingly enough, bamboo has many advantages over traditional woods.  In the past decade, bamboo has received a lot of attention for being an incredibly green, eco-friendly building material. Bamboo is a major seller with chefs, to anyone who loves to do some home cooking. With all of the hoopla going around about bamboo cutting boards, we'd like to share with you a few things that make a bamboo cutting board so great and beneficial.

bamboo wood.jpg

Low Maintenance Wood:

Classic kitchen cutting boards get typically curated out of dense woods, such as walnut, cherry, maple or red oak. Having wood that's dense is essential for preparing fruits and vegetables. For this type of crafted wood doesn't soak up all of the water after washing, and that's where you'll find plenty bacteria growing. Higher-quality woods even require regular maintenance with beeswax or mineral oil to keep the wood from warping and cracking.

For this reason, bamboo cutting boards have gained a reputation in recent years, mainly because the material is maintenance free due to the hard density of the wood. Bamboo wood doesn't retain any water, and will not crack or warp as easily like regular wood. We highly advise you to not place bamboo cutting boards or anything with bamboo in a dishwasher due to the extreme heat. Get into a good habit to wipe your bamboo board dry after you finish washing it in the sink; this will help keep it in good shape for many years to come.

clean bamboo.jpg

Superior Health And Sanitation:

A solid cutting board made out of maple will end up getting groove marks by a sharp knife, and this can leave your cutting board pockets of moisture, with food particles and accumulated bacteria. Bamboo is dense enough to resist the risk of knife scarring, and it naturally repels water. We recommend using hot water and soap to clean your bamboo cutting board, or a dilution of water and bleach.

Bamboo is all-natural, biodegradable, and recyclable. With the longevity of bamboo, this gives a good indicator of what material density is holding up in the kitchen. When you purchase one of our personalized, engraved, custom bamboo cutting boards as a gift' your gift will be treasured and remembered for many years to come.