By Angela, Published 07/02/2017

personalized wine box


Ever been invited to a wedding? You probably know the process of anguishing over what gift to bring. It is a daunting task sometimes because most of us can't spend a fortune.

Put some thought into a gift, like a personalized wine box. These wine boxes make great anniversary or birthday gifts. You can use it for a gift box as well. A custom wine box is also a perfect wedding gift. This gift is something a married couple will cherish for years to come. Have your gift monogrammed or customized with the names of the bride and groom.

wine glass

Personalized Wooden Wine Boxes

Distressed woods are becoming more prevalent because of their attractive finish. Several manufacturers even add custom made art to their wine boxes. From laser engraved, heat stamped logos, to images pressed into the wood, the sky's the limit when customizing the look of a wooden wine box. Make sure the interior of the wine box has appropriate dividers. Some wine boxes are lined with fabric, wood shavings or decorative paper.

While shopping for wine boxes, consider accessories that will accompany the box itself including corkscrews, stemware, and bottle stoppers. Chocolates are also pleasant accompaniments to wine presented in a decorative wooden wine box. Other gifts that work well with wine include candy, baked goods, fruit, and cakes.

Shopping for the perfect gift can be quite overwhelming, so take your time to select the right wood, interior padding, exterior finish, and accompanying gifts. The bride and groom of your fine gift will be truly impressed.