Published 12/07/2015
If you are constantly carrying around a beverage, an Orca chaser will change your life for the better. No matter if you drink hot or cold beverages, the Orca does the trick!

Hot and Steamy

Has this ever happened to you? You pour hot coffee into your travel mug before heading to work and by the time you get there, the coffee is lukewarm? Well, if you use an Orca, your coffee will still be piping hot when you get to work and will last long after morning is over (if it lasts that long)!

These chasers are particularly great if you are a slow sipper when it comes to drinking. If you are going on a long trip, your hot beverage will last hours. Not just warm, but hot! Needless to say an Orca chaser is awesome for hot beverages!

Cool as Ice

Orca chasers are not just for hot beverages. They are awesome for cold beverages as well. If you work outdoors and need to constantly stay hydrated in the summer heat, an Orca chaser will keep your water super cold. As a matter of fact, Orcas are known to keep ice cubes frozen for up to 24 hours!

No matter where you are, work, the beach, or hiking an Orca chaser will keep your cold beverage cold as ice!

Details, Details

The Orca chaser is very similar to a Yeti chaser. The stainless steel double walled vacuum sealed body ensures that your cold drink will stay cold and your hot drink will stay hot. It also has a convenient clear lid that makes it easy to see when it's time for a refill!

Makes a Great Gift

An Orca chaser will make the perfect gift for someone who loves their coffee or for someone that works outdoors in the hot sun. To make it even more special, consider giving them an engraved Orca tumblers. We will expertly laser engrave the Orca with anything you would like. Whether it be for a birthday, Christmas, company or an organization like a school, this would make a gift that absolutely everyone will love!

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