Order Laser Engraved Signs

Engraved Effects offers the perfect solution for all your custom signage needs. We are able to engrave desk wedges, name plates, create engraved plastic signs, custom engraved name badges, and ADA restroom and no smoking signs.

Pricing for custom made laser engraved signs is a little different. We do not list out every available size. We are capable of making any size up to an 18" x 24" sign. The signs and pricing on our site are broken down into groups. If the size you are looking for is not listed, choose the size that is one step larger than the size of the engraved sign you need.

For example, if you need a 3" x 4" engraved sign, you would choose the 4" x 4". When you check out, you would choose the length to be 3” and for the height to be 4". Please feel free to give us a call if you need any help with the ordering process or if you have any questions.

Aside from standard name plates and name badges, we have TONS of options when it comes to custom signs. We even have engraved plastic plates that can be used as electrical panel plates, HVAC plates, “In Memory Of” plates for pictures, chairs, benches, etc., engraved plastic tags and labels, control panel labels, safety signs, electrical signs and much more!

We also offer the same sizes and types of signs in aluminum and stainless steel.

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